Stephen Groat is a software, network, and computer engineer focused on software, network, & hardware security, cloud infrastructure automation & monitoring, IPv6, mobile technologies, and the outdoors. He currently works Datadog developing scalable, multi-cloud security infrastructure. Previously, he worked for Tealium focusing on automating cloud infrastructure security & monitoring and Qualcomm providing hardware security assessments and government contracting. Stephen also has taught security classes & bootcamps for the Virginia Community College System, Trilogy Education for the University of California San Diego Extension, and Fullstack Academy for the University of San Diego. He also is an expert on multiple professional networks, including Coleman, Guidepoint, Tegus, and others. Previous experience includes working for a variety of commercial and U.S. federal government clients on software, hardware, and IT security projects.

Please contact Stephen via e-mail with any consulting, teaching, speaking, or other opportunities.